Alexander Savin

29 Mar 2015

Worthy stuff to watch and read - 30


  • Why giving basic income to even the richest makes sense - The Water Room Analogy
  • An open letter to banks by creators of 1Password. The reason for this publication was tweet by one of the banks that "your password should be commited to memory rather than password manager". In all the fairness, my current bank in UK doesn't even support one-time passwords - access to the online account is protected with two passwords maintainer by user.
  • 67 Things You Learn When You’ve Lived In London For Five Years

The Central line in the evening rush hour is actually an underground Bikram Yoga club. Get into it!

  • How doctors choose to die
  • There should be no disabled users on the web - write up by @hoppycantstoppy on current state of things on accessible web and why you should care


  • Time Couch - VR demo. YouTube now supports 360 spherical videos which you can control using mouse / keyboard (or Oculus, if you have one).
  • Pedro and Frankensheep - Sleep Guinea Pig Sleep. Short animation on life.


  • React Native is released and you can implement native iOS apps now by re-using skills of Javascript and React


  • Pillars of Eternity is released. Made by the guys who delivered Fallout New Vegas, in true old school style of gameplay. At the same time graphics updated to the level of year 2015. Camera is fixed on a classic RPG game angle, the only accepted way of manipulating camera is zoom in and out. Game mechanics is again classic D&D, if you played Baldur's Gate you'll feel like at home. Made possile with Kickstarter campaign.



  • Radio Badger podcast new episode 14 is on Soundcloud. Expect me, @robbiemccorkell and featuring @charypar talk about pi day, synesthesia, Apple, memory chip hacking, quantum physics, React and upcoming micro pig event in Hackney.

Personal notes

  • We had a new London React meetup this week at Facebook Euston shiny office. Expect blogpost and videos soon, as well as story of our React based project still evolving into something huge and powerful.