Alexander Savin

16 May 2015

Personal update

I've been away for some time. First week was in California, second on the island of Corfu, and for the next two weeks I was surviving the London flu. It was one resilient bug. Nevertheless, I'm back to blogging, and hopefully podcasting next week.

San Francisco was pretty cool, although windy and cold. Despite that I managed to burn my face on both days when I wasn't in the basement of the Mariott hotel, where O'Reilly Fluent conference was happening. By far this was the most epic conference I've attended. 5 simultaneous tracks of web dev related talks, plus ongoing meetups and exhibition of hardware. O'Reilly being a publishing house also brought a number of book authors, who were signing and giving books away for those lucky enough to get into the queue early. On the last day of the trip I managed to get out of the city and traveled to Mountain View and Palo Alto. Googleplex, check.

Arrival to Corfu island was accompanied with 10 hours of jet lag and very little sleep. End of April is still low season on the island, and so we were spending time in a quiet neighborhood of Glyfada beach, pretty much deserted for the most part. We rented a car and were cruising the island for the next week, discovering places and eating lots of local food. I almost forgot how tasty tomato can be. Even potato chips were somehow delicious, especially combined with local tzatziki. Another thing not everybody might appreciate - local made ginger beer on Corfu is absolutely gorgeous.

Flu part was mostly boring. On the second week of suffering I decided that it's time to finally register myself as a patient in a local surgery. That's something you have to do in person, during office hours of weekdays. My plan was to arrive with filled forms, and ask for medical help. Registration part went without a hitch, as for the actual help they told me to call next morning. Which I did, got appointment and made my inaugural visit to the local GP. She pretty much ignored my complaints on excruciating cough, checked my weight and height, listened to me breathing and concluded that this is indeed a virus, and I'll get better all by myself.

On a film front - California trip video is edited and available for watching. Expect lots of hyperlapses.

Signing off.