Alexander Savin

13 Jul 2016

Agfa Flexilette twin reflex 35mm camera

Pictures and review of Agfa Flexilette twin reflex 35mm film camera from 1960s
09 Apr 2016

Black and white Polaroid shots

Black and white Polaroid film pictures on a rare discontinued type 100 peel apart film. Impressions on taking pictures with the vintage Polaroid Land 340 camera.
26 Oct 2015

Batch of analog 35mm film cameras

Recently received a batch of analog 35mm vintage film cameras. This post contains first impressions, pictures and plans of repair. Featuring Zenit EM, Pentax MV, Canon Canonet and Kowa SE cameras.
30 Sep 2015

Westminster on expired 35mm Svema film

Experience of shooting and developing expired Soviet 35mm Svema film
12 Apr 2015

Local darkroom experience

My experience on printing analog pictures in the local darkroom of Bethnal Green, London