Worthy stuff to read and watch - 1

  • Gameplay video of the upcoming game No Man’s Sky. Small company based in London currently busy creating a small universe in the best traditions of Spore. Everything is generated. You can freely wonder around, exploring the world. When it gets boring, you hop on the starship and fly to another planet (taking a part in the starship battle on your way). Creators are also talking about storyline, so this game have solid chance not to end up being another sandbox.
  • What’s it’s like to work with Elon Musk? Great thread of videos and posts from colleagues on Quora.
  • Human JavaScript - free book from @HenrikJoreteg
  • Another worthy book - Learn LISP the Hard Way
  • Timelapse video of thunder and lightnings, striking skyscrapers of Chicago



  • The blog engine is still a bit rough on the edges, and improvements will be commited from time to time. Under the hood there is static page generator from Red Badger, credits to @Charypar and @StuartHarris. It is likely that at some point both blog template and the Generator will be published on GitHub, with proper documentation.
  • Meanwhile, the whole blog with current generator version are already on GitHub. You are free to poke around, adopt existing templates and make your own blog. There isn’t much instructions at the moment provided, this will be fixed soon.
  • All posts are written in markdown. I push stuff to Github, after that TravisCI kicks in, builds all pages and publishes site to Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Another benefit of having everything on Github is that you are free to make pull requests on typos. Not that you’d want to :D
  • RSS feed is very much available for your aggregators.
  • Welcome again, and have a great weekend!