Worthy stuff to watch and read - issue 7


  • Incredibly detailed and illustrated TheVerge’s take on the subject of Virtual Reality. If you trust Gartner’s 2014 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, VR just made it through the Trough of Disillusionment and on its way to the Slope of Enlightment. I think so too.
  • Pics taken by monkey cannot be copyrighted, or so at least was the verdict of the US court this time.

Works produced by nature, animals or plants or purportedly created by divine or supernatural beings don’t count

  • In addition to the largely known Stonehenge, there is also Woodhenge, placed just few miles and a couple of thousands years apart.
  • Doctor Who season 8 is premiered last Saturday, and here is a nice recap by TheVerge. Contains minor spoilers, so in case you haven’t seen the opening episode, it is time to do so.



  • Second episode of the Badger Radio podcast is out. Topics include hurricane Bertha hitting the island of Britain, renewable energy, Microsoft Hyperlapse tech, sci-fi state in the modern tv series, and Mary Berry biting into things.



  • There is something great cooking in the genre of sci-fi cinema - Automata trailer is haunting, beaufitul, and basically perfect. If you love Blade Runner and Isaac Asimov, don’t miss this.
  • Timelapse from Paris
  • Humans Need No Apply - a nice recap on where we are with the robots replacing people. To put into perspective - most of the professions in the world are replacable by robots in the not so distant future. Unless you are the one creating those robots, you should worry.

Personal notes

  • Then again, I always had this dilemma of the people creating machines to help them with the work and so doing less of the actual work themselves. I mean, if there are robots everywhere, people should be free of worry to survive, and just spend time doing whatever they like. This obviously implies that everyone gets certain amount of free money, or even more - that the world transforms the idea of money into something else. Right now we are making robots and software to replace people, and those people are ending up loosing their jobs and sources of income - not exactly the bright future with robots doing hard work, and blonde haired people in flashy dresses doing poetry.
  • Radio Badger podcast now got its very own site, which might looks suspiciously familiar.