Worthy stuff to watch and read - issue 8


  • 25 years old enthusiast from Czech Republic tries his best at reassembling the very original versions of the classic Star Wars trilogy, without all those alterations and additional VFX. George Lucas thinks that modern versions of the Star Wars is exactly how he wanted to make them from the beginning, but fans are disagreeing.
  • Engineering team at Instagram is sharing some technical details on how exactly Hyperlapse app works. It’s all about smart zoom, gyro sensors and stabilization.
  • The art of waking up every morning
  • If you are born before 1985, you are the last generation to remember life without the Internet



  • How the $40000 limited edition film camera by Leica, in the full titanium body looks like.
  • Design research on how the British Union Jack flag might look like if Scotland votes for independence on 18th of September
  • Fonts made by homeless people, for sale
  • Burning Man 2013 timelapse video
  • Google is testing their version of the autonomous drones in Australia. Today they deliver treats for dogs, and tomorrow they will take over the world.
  • Compilation of the best hyperlapses made with Instagram Hyperlapse app, by Cult Of Mac.
  • Fresh stereoscopic pictures from the village of Whitstable, hour and half on the train from London.

Personal notes

  • Radio Badger podcast got its shiny new logo, which is now deployed to its very personal site. Episode 03 is now recorded and will be released soon.