Worthy stuff to watch and read - issue 10


  • Hands-on with Oculus' new devkit prototype. Codename - Crescent Bay, now with built-in headphones, more tracking sensors and something they call “new display technology”. Also, here is a highly technical keynote by John Carmack on Oculus development, display technologies and action-to-photon time.
  • Using smartwatches while driving is illegal in UK and in terms of punishment equals to <= £100. Same fine is used for drivers who are busy talking on mobile phones without handsfree.
  • The dude updates iOS on his 16Gb iPhone 5S. The phone becomes 32Gb.
  • Every fifth Londoner falls into a category of people who are employed but have no disposable income or savings. There is a word for those people - Endies.




  • The Moth Podcast episode with Michael Massimino and his story on Hubble maintenance mission and some space tape
  • Episode 04 of the Radio Badger is now released and available for listening. Topics covered by myself, @roisiproven and @robbiemccorkell include (but not limited to)Applecalypsis event, Scottish Independence, upcoming Dreamfall Chapters game and electric car with engine that runs on salt water.

Personal notes

  • I think hardware will become much cheaper or free very soon, the same way as software and internet services did. There is no single reason why there should be more expensive hardware to access internet services. Hardware will be cheap, and instead you will be farmed on your personal data, behaviour and content. If you think about it, once we solve the food and energy puzzles, the only credible currency will be quality content (or, well, entertainment).
  • Noticed a curious thing while commuting on the bike through the busy streets of Clerkenwell and Shoreditch - people wearing branded breathing masks. There are also normal oxygen masks hospital-style which I’ve seen before, but branded ones looks pretty cool. Can you still breath normally while wearing it?
  • I become mildly irritated when the person you’re talking to is wearing headphones and refuses to take them off during the conversation. Curious about the same effect Google Glass might have on the other person, who is not wearing one.