October update

I’m back from 10 days trip to Scotland. Highlands are amazingly beautiful and unlike anything I’ve seen before. The closest could be Norway, but it has completely different feel to it, with all those spiky mountains and arctic chilly weather. Highlands were chilly too in October, but not freezing chilly.

In the foreseeable future I’ll be processing and releasing stereoscopic pictures from Edinburgh, Inverness, Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle, Fort William, Ben Nevis track, and finally - Glasgow.

Meanwhile, London 3D short film is progressing slowly, with more filming scheduled around the city. The plan is to get a teaser trailer and a website at some point. Trailer will be released also in 4K, and those lucky to get new iMac with Retina 5K display will be able to enjoy it in full glory. I’ll probably render another version for retina MBP resolution, since that’s something I’ll be able to enjoy myself.

Filmed quire a few hyperlapses during our Scotland journey, expect a short film any time soon.

Now back in cozy London, where we get to enjoy Finnish summer weather in the middle of October. London is awesome, but, as usual, there are far too many interesting things to do, and far too little time for everything.

Don’t forget about the latest episode of the Radio Badger. It is released and very much available for listening.

Yours truly, @karismafilms