Scotland road trip video

Our official Scotland road trip video is now rendered and uploaded to YouTube. Featuring views from the train window on the way to Edinburgh, rainy Inverness, then bus to Loch Ness, boat trip at Fort William, a bit of trekking at Ben Nevis, and discovering third oldest subway at Glasgow.

Lots of hyperlapses included in the video. Half way though our journey I’ve discovered hidden dev settings of the Hyperlapse app, and that was the moment when resolution of those lapses got bumped to a full HD (from a decent 720p which you get by default).

One accessory that was tried during this trip is a retractable selfie stick. It comes bundled with a remote shutter button which simply triggers volume down button on the iPhone. Not only this allows taking decent selfies during the trip, but also the stick acts like a natural stabilizer while walking and filming (as opposed to holding phone in your hands). And yes, the whole video is indeed shot with iPhone 5S. I think it’s very much comparable to what you’d get with GoPro, except you don’t get the benefit of gyroscope sensors and Hyperlapse on GoPro. Something tells me that sensors will be present in future generations of action cameras.

Enjoy the video!