Worthy stuff to watch and read - 13


  • Colonization of the Mercury is not so obscure idea as you might think. Yep, there is a scientific article on Wikipedia on this topic.

Unlike the Moon however, Mercury has the additional advantage of a magnetic field protecting it from cosmic rays and solar storms, and a larger surface gravity of about 0.38 g, nearly equal to that of Mars.

  • The dark side of the .io domain
  • Long read on the history and origins of Tesla Motors. The story by BI on pre-Elon era.
  • Meet the people with keys to the Internet


  • Trailer of a fresh new time-travel sci-fi thing titled Predestination


  • New episode of the Radio Badger is out in the wild. Stories on extreme UX research in Kenya, pondering on the topic of AdBlock and morality, with usual extras on space, SpaceX and Tesla.

Personal notes

  • I’m in the middle of this book titled Hackers - Heroes of the computer revolution. There is a chapter on hacker’s ethics, which mostly revolves around the idea that information should be free to access and build upon. Information is a short word to call all the software, music, films, books, and basically any content humanity has or will create. It just feels right. The usual argument is - you have to pay so that creators would get paid. We often forget that the world where you must get paid to survive mostly exists just because things always been like that. This can easily change.
  • When you are not restricted by artificial boundaries of business strategies and bureaucracy, things can advance and improve pretty fast.
  • Did a Silicon Milkroundabout day last weekend. Being on the other side of the recruiting barricades was a refreshing experience. It’s interesting to see that most people doesn’t have a good clue why they got into the area of software engineering. Some other people had a career doing something very different and then decided to pivot. The nice thing was that we didn’t had to chase people - they came to us. Badgers are cool.