Worthy stuff to watch and read - 14


  • The Elephant’s Foot of the Chernobyl is considered to be the most dangerous piece of waste in the world
  • This guy is going to spend 28 days in virtual reality, living someone else’s life
  • Official Astronaut’s Photography Manual by Hasselblad

It is impossible to have “perfect” exposure for the shaded cargo bay and sunlit earth at the same time. Since the cargo bay with the Orbital Maneuvering System burn is the more important part, the above image is properly exposed to make the best looking transparency.



Personal notes

  • Rules for servicing parachuting equipment in UK are sort of different compared to Finland. There was mandatory service check of the parachuting rig in Finland every 2 years with some small repairs here and there, which was usually performed by a special company in Turku. In UK they check your rig every 6 months when they repack a reserve, and that’s it. Also, when it’s time to send your automatic parachute activation device (Cypress) to the service in Germany, they rip it out of the parachute, and handle it to you, together with a padded box and a form to fill. The device is really handy, and fully autonomic, but the battery (and device itself) require a service at the manufactor place every 4 years.
  • Seen a real crime scene today next to our tube station. With police tapes around the perimeter, police women with radios. That surreal feeling of being in the crime tv show. Also, spooky.
  • Episode 08 of the Radio Badger podcast is recorded and will be released shortly. It is Christmas Special issue, but nevermind that - expect more topics on space exploration.