Worthy stuff to watch and read - 16


  • My summer vacation in North Korea - long read, full of rare details and pictures

I glanced up from the paper at the airline safety video, which starred the exact same flight attendants who had greeted us minutes before. It made me wonder how many commercial planes there are in North Korea. Was this… the plane?

  • Lost 1927 Disney Christmas film found in Norway archives
  • You have to earn certain amount of £ in UK to keep your family in the country

Independent think-tank the Migration Observatory said an estimated 43% of British workers did not earn enough to sponsor a spouse from outside the EU.

  • While hackers are spreading their findings hacked from Sony’s servers, authorities once again took down ThePirateBay pages. Peter Sunde, now released from jail, thinks in his personal blog it’s for a greater good.


  • Correct way of implementing interactive scrolling on a web page - better.coffee
  • Something new and exciting is in development in CSS land
  • Past, present and future of React JS by @Vjeux, broadcasted live from Red Badger HQ this week

Personal notes

  • Attended for the very first time book signing event. Space Commander Chris Hadfield was signing both of his books this Friday at Waterstone’s Piccadilly. After queuing for about 1 hour outside of the shop, and another 20 min inside I’ve got my autograph and recorded a very super short interview for our podcast. Was pretty nervous about the idea, but Commander was super cool in this respect - even made sure that my recording is on before answering. Expect this thing in a first Radio Badger episode next year.
  • Same day in the afternoon something happened to the air control computer in Swanwick, and all London air traffic was grounded. People of Twitter were posting pictures of the quiet airplaneless sky of London (while others were stuck inside planes in Heathrow).