Worthy stuff to watch and read - 17

It’s almost Christmas, time for reflections, time off the office and trying not to be flattened at the city center madness. Enjoy this fresh issue of the Worthy Stuff, and have a cup of mulled wine (or a hot cranberry juice with spices).


  • They found 11 millions of cubic kilometers of the oldest water on our planet, deep within the Earth’s crust
  • It’s time for a third HFR 3D film, although from the same series. HFR debuted now 2 years ago in cinemas, and still remains something very, very original and new. Things do change towards the higher framerates in videos, with YouTube now supporting 60 fps, but in cinema world it’s still all about 24 fps (or, to be even more precise, 23.976 fps). TheVerge did a fresh story with review, and reluctantly agrees that HFR is indeed cool when done right.
  • It’s time for a rocket landing… on a drone ship
  • Language designed to be understandable by any possible intelligent extraterrestrial life form


  • LapseLondon timelapse - A day in the life of London seen through the eyes of 40 photographers
  • Episode of Small Empires on Vimeo and their mission to have ads-free videos


  • Google silently released better bookmarking manager for Chrome. You have to install it separately, but it’s totally worth it.

Personal notes

  • Fresh 35mm black and white film is processed and scanned. Shot with Zenit ET SLR camera over the course of year 2014, with some episodes of Finland, and mostly London. Shutter fabric in my Zenit is fading, and so the whole camera acts a bit unpredictably. You never know what you gonna get.
  • Kicked off post production stage of the London 3D timelapsing film I’ve been shooting for some time now. It’ll probably be called London Timescapes 3D. Maybe should check with Tom Lowe first. Going to release special Oculus Rift version of the film, and maybe an experimental 4K HFR one.