One second of video every day - year 2014

Here is my version of the one second of video every day of the year. It’s exactly what it sounds - every day I’d film some random stuff happening around, and later would pick one second that suppose to represent a culmination of a given day. In reality things turned out to be slightly different.

  • Even with a modern phone in your pocket filming one second of video every day requires an effort. Best things of the day rarely happens on your command, and often cannot be anticipated (and filmed). Some things are also just incompatible with video.
  • My job happens in the office and consumes most of the time of the year. The project we’ve been busy with is still secret, and still unreleased. Quite a large portion of my life is happening with my (awesome) colleagues, and there is simply no way I can film it. Well, maybe a little.
  • I’d often end up filming my commute. Then again, that commute would often happen on a bike through a picturesque areas of Brick Lane and Shoreditch. As a result there is quite a bit of public transport and street art seconds.
  • In August 2014 we started recording our podcast, and Instagram released Hyperlapse app
  • Was considering putting everything on a soundtrack - and then after seeing 365 decided to keep the original sound.
  • Hyperlapse seconds do not offer any sound at the moment
  • Stanisla participated in the ice bucket challenge in the beginning of September
  • In October we did a train trip to Scotland, which was awesome
  • There is also a glimpse of Budapest in November

The whole project turned out to be more fun that I expected. It is comparable with film photography experience, when there is a significant time gap between doing something and seeing the result. Sometimes it felt like every day is the same and the year cut will look extremely boring. And it didn’t.

Will I do this again this year? Absolutely!