Worthy stuff to watch and read - 21


  • Long read on travel photography by @Stammy of Twitter
  • I paid $25 for an Invisible Boyfriend, and I think I might be in love. On the same topic, don’t miss Ex Machina, now in cinemas.
  • Dark Deep Web marketplaces research. How people buy things on the hidden side of the Internet.
  • Google is going to disqualify SHA-1 SSL certificates and display warning symbol in Chrome instead of trusty green lock icon


  • The Dawn Wall - new media article by NYTimes, and a benchmark how to use WebGL in web storytelling


  • How to Think Like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos - fresh episode of Tim Ferris show podcast

Personal notes

  • Just finished editing interview with radio astronomy professor Oleg Smirnov talking about Universe and Square Kilometer Array project currently being prepared in South Africa and Australia. It was our first remote interview for the podcast, quite a different experience, but turned out really well in the end. We should do more. Interview will be live in the next episode of Radio Badger podcast.
  • Thanks to Clojure for the Brave, I’m now hooked on Emacs. This weekend migrated my RSS subscriptions to GNUS, and looking forward to integrate Evernote. Also, they’ve got Tetris.