Worthy stuff to watch and read - 22


  • The Duct Tape Programmer - good never gets old, and this write up by Joel Spolsky still very much relevant, although represents another extremity

You see, everybody else is too afraid of looking stupid because they just can’t keep enough facts in their head at once to make multiple inheritance, or templates, or COM, or multithreading, or any of that stuff work. So they sheepishly go along with whatever faddish programming craziness has come down from the architecture astronauts who speak at conferences and write books and articles and are so much smarter than us that they don’t realize that the stuff that they’re promoting is too hard for us.

  • The UX reader - book from Mailchimp guys, collection of the most popular articles from their UX newsletter

  • Oculus Story Studio is founded with aim to produce VR films


  • Speaking of conferences, React Native was announced last week on React JS conf at Facebook HQ. Learn once, use everywhere.


  • Fresh episode of Radio Badger podcast, featuring interview with radio astronomy professor Oleg Smirnov. Expect topics on dark ages of the Universe, Square Kilometer Array project, processing big data and perspectives of building massive array of radio telescopes in space.

Personal notes

  • Did a guest write up on why I moved my static blog to HTTPS only - read it on Red Badger blog. Will probably do a more technical follow up on practical side.
  • Adventures in Emacs land - moved most of my activities on Twitter to Twittering mode on Emacs, and started using Org for notes, agenda and todo. There is even a book on how to use Org.