Worthy stuff to watch and read - 24


  • Poor unlucky people with green bubbles
  • The freefall camera prototype development story
  • Review of Cereal Killer cafe on Brick Lane
  • How Canadian Spies Infiltrated the Internet’s Core to Watch What You Do Online. Fresh leaks from Ed Snowden. It’s actually pretty smart idea of creating signatures for patterns of packets.

Such technology works by observing small portions of internet traffic known as packets, and matching the information describing each packet against a library of signatures—including known applications, protocols, network activity, and more. Internet service providers have been known to use DPI technology to identify subscribers using peer-to-peer filesharing protocols such as BitTorrent on their networks, for example. But such devices, generally speaking, can do much, much more.


  • 10K timelapse demo filmed with PhaseOne IQ180 camera. Obviously Vimeo doesn’t support such resolutions (even 4K is only for Pro members), but the demo nicely zooms into the original footage.
  • London Timescapes trailer on Vimeo, or in glorious 4K resolution on YouTube.


  • New episode of Radio Badger podcast is released. Expect stories from sunny San Francisco, Facebook HQ, React JS conference, Sky Garden of the London City and topic of privacy in the Internet.

Personal notes

  • Launched a dedicated site for my London Timescapes project - stereo3d.london. At the moment it contains basic info about the project, as well as download links to the multitude of formats you might want to try. Stereoscopic formats are included.
  • Implemented tags for this blog ↓ Works as expected - click on tag, get a list of posts with the same tag.