Worthy stuff to watch and read - 25


  • Marco Arment defends high-speed way of listening to podcasts
  • Fair review of Hello Fresh box delivery service by Roisi. Something we got hooked on as well.


  • Helsinki from above photo post
  • Fresh React JS meetup video, organized by Red Badger and this time hosted at Facebook London office. Expect talks and live coding on React Native iOS, Flux and some impressive show-n-tell presentations.


  • Episode of our podcast titled Badger Don’t Care About Exploding Diplodocuses in Kensington now available with shownotes and blogpost (and on iTunes as well).

Personal notes

  • Went to the Warner Bros studios at Leavesden to celebrate my birthday and check out Harry Potter props. Place itself is a bit in the middle of nowhere - a former war aerodrome where they used to construct bomber planes in WWII. Later WB turned airplane hangars into huge sound stages where they filmed all 8 movies. To get there you either get overground line to Watford Junction, or a train from Euston. Watford is still in Oyster zone, but that zone isn’t even numbered - it is simply marked as ‘special fares apply’ on the very edge of tube map. From Watford there is shuttle bus service to the studios - proper Routemaster, of course. If you take a train it’s not that bad actually - 15-20 min from Euston. Place itself is pretty remarkable, a must go for any movie geek - even if you’re like myself not a huge fun of Harry Potter moviesation. It’s pretty surreal to be there. And the way they get you inside the studio is very unexpected and simply magical. No spoilers here.