Worthy stuff to watch and read - 27


  • Notes on watching Aliens for the first time with a bunch of kids. A grown up dude describes his childhood memories of watching Aliens on a big screen for the very first time. And then later on he suggests this very movie for a slumber party of kids in his house.

Guys at the urinals were peeing as fast as they could because they didn’t want to miss another minute of “Aliens.” You’d have thought somebody was timing them. Like this was the Olympic qualifying round for the bladder evacuation team. But they weren’t going fast enough to suit a guy standing near the front door of the men’s room. He yelled, “Goddammit! All of you, piss faster!”

  • The man who posted himself to Australia in mid-1960s


  • The Value of Values with Rich Hickey. Talk by the creator of Clojure programming language on things that are obvious, make total sense, but nobody talks about.


  • How browsers work
  • React Native – The Killer Feature that Nobody Talks About. @robbiemccorkell long read on how you can soon make native iOS apps with Javascript and the upcoming React Native thing.

Personal notes

  • Managed to jump start my skydiving season yesterday at Headcorn dropzone. It was sunny but windy, and fields were full of sheep with little sheep. I remember jumping in March in Finland - strong winds, -20 in the sky, but lots of soft snow for landing (and consequent shaking of the canopy to get all that snow out before packing).
  • Recorded fresh new episode of Radio Badger podcast with Robbie. Expect it out this week with insights to tech stack we use and love at Red Badger.