Worthy stuff to watch and read - 31


  • I know none of my passwords - story how to use internet without worrying about security
  • After Snowden, The NSA Faces Recruitment Challenge. NSA now competes with companies like Google and Facebook for bright minds of US citizens (and loosing this game)
  • Amazon tests delivery drones at secret Canada site after US frustration.

As if to underline the significance of the move, the test site is barely 2,000ft from the US border, which was clearly visible from where the Guardian stood on a recent visit.

  • The ‘Tsar Bomba’ Was a 50-Megaton Monster Nuke - story of testing most powerful nuke in war history

The five-mile wide fireball reached as high in the sky as the Bear bomber. The shock wave caused the Bear to drop more than half a mile in altitude before Durnovtsev regained control of his aircraft.

  • This goes into category of best stories on April 1st - CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force


  • Smithsonian offers you a unique holiday opportunity with insights into Russian Space program and trip to Baikonur to witness proper space rocket launch. Space is limited.

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Personal notes

  • Spent almost a week using Yubikey. Turned out to be an exciting piece of programmable hardware. Expect a proper blog soon.
  • Slowly getting into a field of native iOS programming with React Native. Once you get your mind around flexbox model, things become pretty straightforward. Amazed how much of UI elements are ready at your disposal right from the start. Meanwhile community is making and sharing its own custom UI components ready to be plugged into your app.
  • It’s long holidays in Britain (and pretty much anywhere in Europe). Chocolate dinosaur eggs are a very important part of this celebration of Christ.
  • We got third mic to our home made recording studio in the shed. Expect some dramatic sound quality improvements in the next episode of Radio Badger podcast, which is recorded and will be out soon.