Worthy stuff to watch and read - 32


  • If you ever wondered what airport security equipment can do to analog unprocessed film - Kodak got you covered

X-ray equipment used to inspect carry-on baggage uses a very low level of x-radiation that will not cause noticeable damage to most films. However, baggage that is checked (loaded on the planes as cargo) often goes through equipment with higher energy X rays.

  • 70 maps that explain America. Or how to stop worrying and accept fact that most of the population on Earth are immigrants.
  • Thoughts on Keybase.io service. Check the comments too. All in all, keybase.io is a very interesting step for the (cryptic) world of PGP encryption towards normal people.


  • Inside Abbey Road studios - Google interactive tour on the legendary place in London
  • Blade Runner or real life? Project by BFI together with special screenings of the film.
  • SUNDAYS - sci-fi short film and proof of concept for the potential feature. I’d love to see that feature.


  • Codes that Changed the World - BBC Radio 4 project on history of programming languages
  • Fresh episode of Radio Badger podcast. Talks by me, Viktor Charypar and Robbie McCorkell on F8, aerospace grade tungsten, React Native, VR, basic income and Formula E in London.

Personal notes

  • Had a session in a local darkroom. Managed to process two rolls of 35mm film and print few frames. That’s my first time back in a darkroom in probably 20 years or so. Also revived my 500px account and uploaded scans of the prints there. 500px seems to evolved quite nicely, and offers much friendlier UI compared to the modern incarnation of Flickr for art pictures.
  • As mentioned earlier, I started using Keybase.io service. My public key can be found here in case you want to send me encrypted email or something. I’ve also added PGP signature to all my emails now.
  • Attending O’Reilly Fluent Conference next week. Will have few days to get around San Francisco. Happy to meet new people, so feel free to ping me.