London Timescapes film update

London Timescapes film is basically finished and looking for distribution.

What is it?

9 min long audio-visual experience around London and time. Filmed in native stereoscopic 3D in 4K resolution. Properly color graded, with original music composed by Dominik Piatek specially for this movie. In many ways it is my personal exploration of this big city, places, people and rhythms. I think it’s stereoscopic aspect will provide viewers with unique opportunity to immerse into the experience and feel the beat of this place.

How is it going to be released?

I’m currently looking for opportunities to screen it in proper stereoscopic 3D. Otherwise I think it’ll be released soon for free in full HD 2D on Vimeo, with options to license it in 4K and stereoscopic formats.

Another idea is to create a virtual reality experience. There is enough resolution to allow viewer certain degree of freedom to look around. It’s not going to be 360 spherical experience, but combined with native stereoscopic it’s still should be enough to give you proper sense of presence. I need to find an Oculus Rift for some tests. Or just throw test renders at the VR community.

Future plans

Timelapsing is one of my passions, so the plan is to upgrade my stereoscopic rig in a next month or so. I’m thinking about Canon 750D:s - it’s capable of 22Mpx native resolution, which will allow me to capture proper 6K footage in RAW 12bit. They are also quite good at night nowadays. I think next year will be about VR, and so the next logical step would be to get one of the HMD:s and start cracking on VR experiences - something that will likely combine games and movies in a very near future.


Trailer is still available for viewing on Vimeo.