London Timescapes film on Beyond 3D fest

Karlsruhe film festival

London Timescapes short film was premiered as part of competition programme of Beyond 3D film festival in Karlsruhe, Germany. Me and Stanisla managed to get a glimpse of this presentation this Friday, and it was awesome.

It’s my second time on Beyond 3D fest. First one was exactly 2 years ago, film was Helsinki 3D, place - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie or ZKM of Karlsruhe. This time they’ve migrated towards the historical town centre, into a David Lynch looking cinema called Schauburg Cinema. Red velvet blinds, glass chandeliers and circular symmetrical stairs. Two screens, and competition shorts were displayed on the largest one. I really need to get a local place to proof watch film in a proper cinema before sending it for festivals - it was great nevertheless, but certain things could’ve been optimised specifically for cinema experience.

Karlsruhe film festival

There isn’t much perks for getting selected into competition, but one thing is always for sure - you get fest passes into as much screenings as you can bear. With film fests this is not always great, since they often present you with a bunch of trash you’d rather left unseen. I think with 3D fest situation is slightly better, since the technical barrier is much higher. Having said that, there was still quite a few shorts I’d love to have unseen. It seems that the world of YouTube and Vimeo in a way makes world a huge favour - it’s really hard to get through with a highly conceptual but trashy looking, and simply questionable productions. Festivals are their last refuge.

I’ve submitted London Timescapes for Barcelona 3D Music & Film fest now, with some luck it might get some screenings there this December. Might actually go there to catch some fun. Meanwhile expect a free release on Vimeo - going to prepare a special version of the film with slight changes from the one submitted to the festivals.

Happy to submit it to more festivals / screening opportunities, preferably in the original stereoscopic format, or even 4K 3D. Ping me.