Alexander Savin

10 Aug 2016

Daily vlog live from the USSR

Filming, editing and releasing daily vlog episodes live from Saint Petersburg and Vologda region
29 Jul 2016

Freedom of movement

Borders, visas, fees and role of the freedom of movement in the modern world
24 Apr 2016

Netherlands vlog season - episode guide

I did a daily video log for a week during our trip to Netherlands. This post is an episode guide to every day of this trip.
20 Apr 2016

Culture of cycling in Amsterdam

I'm back from our first trip to Netherlands, and here are a few notes on cycling culture in Amsterdam
21 Mar 2016

Using Mondo and Revolut in the US

My experience with Revolut and Mondo cards during the recent trip to California, US
15 Oct 2015

Basel, Switzerland

Our one day in Basel, Switzerland. Hints on how to cross Swiss border. With pictures.
31 Aug 2015

Last week of British summer

Livecasting experience, Relay and GraphQL talk, photography trip to Cambridge
04 Jun 2015

Corfu Island adventure

Story of our trip to the island of Corfu, or why you should taste local potato chips with tzatziki